The role of the Attaché

The Study aspect

  • Follow up students’ academic performance through communication with the relevant educational institutions, obtaining academic reports and monitoring the educational attainment of all the students.

  • Study academic reports, remain aware of the students’ study levels and provide necessary advice and assistance.

  • Transmit periodic reports on the academic attainment of each student to the Ministry of Higher Education and the scholarship providers.

  • Hold periodic meetings with the students to find out about their educational conditions and help them overcome challenges, if any.

  • Visit the universities and institutes where the students are studying, and meet the competent persons therein to discuss problems, if any.

  • Help the students to enrol in the universities and institutes that suit their line of study, provided that such universities and institutes are recommended by the Ministry of Higher Education.

  • Certify the certificates awarded in the United Kingdom and other European countries.

  • Approve enrolment, subject to the provisions of Scholarship Law and the laws of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Academic aspect:

  • Consolidate ties with universities, institutes and educational centres and make their administration departments aware of the Cultural Mission, its activities, interest and functions through personal visits and participation in their cultural and scientific events.

  • Create a link between the universities, the higher education and scientific research institutions in the Sultanate of Oman and their counterparts in the UK and Europe.

  • Identify the British and European universities and scientific research centres in terms of their specialties and activities.

  • Participate in drafting the agreements to be concluded between the Ministry of Higher Education and the universities and higher education institutions in the UK.