Our vision

The Cultural Attaché Office in London aspires to prepare students who come to study in a rapidly changing world by helping them enrol in the most reputable universities in relevant fields of specialization. Our principal aim is to help such students acquire the required knowledge and skills to assist in the development of our beloved Oman and, consequently, achieve the pursued objectives of studying abroad.

Our Mission

To select the best educational institutions for our students, facilitate enrolment, assist with financial and academic procedures, provide the best services, and support pertaining to the academic aspects and cultural and social activities and events organized by the student associations.

Speech by the Cultural Attaché

Dear students,
After compliments, I am pleased to welcome you all in the different European countries that fall under the supervision of the Cultural Mission of the Sultanate of Oman in London. It also gives me and the staff of the Mission pleasure to assure you that we are all prepared to provide assistance, guidance and support to every one of you during your studies in order to achieve your educational and academic objectives in your different educational institutions. We are quite certain that you will find your stay here very interesting and stimulating to both mind and spirit. For the sake of success, you should be endowed with constructive behaviour while you adapt to a different cultural environment. You will always find us available to help you adapt to the surroundings, and prepared to make every effort to enhance whatever may enrich your experience and pave the way for the achievement of much sought-after success.

I appeal to you all to exert tireless efforts to utilize all the available opportunities in the different educational institutions in order to achieve the maximum possible self-development during your study, organize your time in line with the academic requirements and respect your need for rest, which will positively affect your learning and psychological stability.

Once again, I request you to be endowed with praiseworthy behaviour and good conduct in order to represent your country in the respectful and honourable manner for which Omani citizens are famous all over the world, and reflect the good image of our beloved country by participating in student activities in different cities and regions.
Finally, please do not hesitate to contact us for any help, or for submitting proposals or enquiries. I wish you a very happy stay and successful study to participate in the development of our beloved Oman.

Best regards,

Cultural Attaché